Well, we finally did it. We now have our own website.

We, in this case, are Sailor Doc and Crawlspace. We're both long time fanfiction writers, and we both have a love for shoujo-ai themed anime that shows in our stories. Currently, all of our work is based on Sailor Moon. We've used other websites to get the stories out there, but for awhile have wanted someplace of our own to keep them, also. DocSpace Fanfiction is the result.

You'll find a bit more than just fanfiction here. We've been lucky enough to come across some great artists who stroked our egos with fanart. Crawlspace, who loves to ramble about pretty much anything, has an on-going blog and is gently poking Sailor Doc to get one, too. We host a small, friendly community of folks over at the DocSpace Forum and are always looking for more to come join us. There's also some links to sites we both frequent, and links to some of our friends.

So, happy reading! And remember, we're open to suggestions to better the site, and always love to hear from our readers, so don't be shy! Let us know what you think!

DocSpace Fanfiction
The above picture was drawn by The Darkwolf, and many thanks are extended to him and our favorite stalker kitty, Hobbes. You guys are great, even though we neglect you so badly these days.

Disclaimer: Sailormoon and all things related belong to Naoko Takeuchi, Kodansha, and Toei. We just play with them and spend lots of money on merchandise while hoping that no one minds.