~El Cazador de la Bruja~
5 Tacos out of 5
Replay Value: High

Top 5 6 Reasons to Watch

1) Aya Hisakawa - You'll never look at Ami the same way again
2) Payoff - How often do yuri fans get to say that?
3) Yuki Kajiura - another excellent soundtrack
4) Jody's Posse - the fanfic possibilities are endless
5) Taco, taco, tacos! - I hope this is on the soundtrack...
6) Episode 19 - Go Ellis!

I've been a fan of BeeTrain ever since .hack/sign (yes, I even like Avenger, though I choose to block out Mein
Leib), so when I heard they were putting out their third girls with guns series, I was tickled to death. And El
Cazador delivered in every way possible. Much more light hearted than Noir or Madlax, it's also a lot more
straight forward in its storytelling and character relationships. Not that there isn't the typical mysterious
organization that's never fully explained, complete with loose threads and plot holes the size of Texas. But if
you've seen any other BeeTrain series, you know to expect this and just move on and enjoy it for what it is. And
that's very easy to do here, since this show is primarily character driven with a heavy dose of action to keep
things bouncing. There's a touch of angst, but never so much that it weighs you down, and the mysterious
organizations and plot elements aren't so mysterious that they turn your brain to mush trying to figure them
out. The series has great pacing and never seems to drag, the side trips providing true character development
rather than feeling like pure filler. Everything actually has a purpose, even the little trinket Ellis randomly
acquires in one of the early episode.

For yuri fans, there's true payoff. So much so that I remember non-yuri fans complaining about halfway through
the series when it became obvious where Nadie and Ellis stood. For Aya Hisakawa fans... well, let's just say I was
very pleased. I don't usually get to hear her voicing these types of characters, and the fangirl in me was doing
cartwheels. For once, she got to play the adult instead of the odd little girl or random side character. I am
completely in love with Jody "Blue Eyes" Hayward. And I like her posse, too, though I still can't figure out if the
one girl was just wearing that eye patch for fun. Also, Jody seems to have a particular fetish with being tied up,
though I may have just missed something there, too.

As has become almost standard with BeeTrain, Yuki Kajiura is composing. The soundtrack is very similar to
those from Noir and Madlax, but to me that's not a bad thing. I'm as much a Kajiura fan as I am a BeeTrain and
Aya fangirl. I've been humming various pieces all week.

Overall, this was an enjoyable series that I'd highly recommend, even to those that didn't like Noir and Madlax.
While similar to its sisters, it's not as heavy on the drama and provides a fun 26 episodes for yuri fans with payoff
at the end.

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