~ Fan Art ~
We love fan art. Some of the things we've written over the years have managed to inspire
several talented artists. These artists were kind enough to send us various pieces based on
our stories, and we're sharing those here. It's been awhile since we've heard from some of
them, so we're missing contact information. If any of you find yourself drifting through here,
say hello. We'd love to hear from you again, at least partly so we can give proper credit to
your work.

** Some Story Spoilers Ahead **

* The Writing Rock by The Darkwolf - What Sailor Doc and Crawlspace would look like if they were anime or manga characters. This is the full-size verson of the picture on the front page.

* Swoosh, Drool by The Darkwolf - A scene from Definitions of Longing and Desire.<grin>

* The Hunter by The Darkwolf - Makoto as the hunter from "Much Ado About Dragons."

* The Puppy & the Dragon by The Darkwolf - Miki and Orochi from "Much Ado About Dragons." When I talked to Hobbes, we miscommunicated a little about Orochi's size. He's a bit smaller than drawn here, but the picture is great anyway and captured his attitude perfectly.

* Rei and Princess Minako by The Darkwolf - From "Dragons," the Rei image was used as part of a larger picture, Princess Minako was for fun.

* Busted! by The Darkwolf - From the climax to "Dragons," this is a sketch of an 'uh oh' moment that will be hard to live down.

* Medallions by The Darkwolf - An early sketch of the planet insignia side of the medallions used in a Silver Millennium story Crawlspace is working on. Wolf was kind enough to draw one up for her to help her get a better visual for it.

* Pirates Ahoy! by The Darkwolf - This picture doesn't go to any story we've written, but we really liked it and thought it should be shown off.

* Haruka's Photo by Shiny_Elf - From one of our favorite artists, a scene from 'Picture-Perfect Afternoon.' This is what Haruaka saw through her camera lens.

* Always by Shiny_Elf - Inspired by 'The Morning After,' there's a dreamy warmth to this piece that makes it great.

* Valentine's Night by Shiny_Elf - This is just a great picture by itself, but the little touches in the background, such as the pictures on the mantel, really make it stand out.

* Urawa's Vision by Shiny_Elf - This picture goes with the story 'Best Friends' by our good buddy Desslock.

* Makoto's Dream by Shiny_Elf - Oh, if only Ami knew... <big evil grin>

* Touched by Shiny_Elf - My favorite of this artist's work, and one of the best Ami/Makoto pictures I've seen. A beautiful peice, and not graphic at all, but some descretion is advised in where you view this.

*New Year's Chibis! by Shiny_Elf - Drawn for the Chinese New Year, an adorable pair of Ami and Makoto chibis.

* Burning Marshmellows by Fade9wayz - Campfires were a big thing over at the shoujo-ai
board for awhile, and Fade created this chibified version of everyone. Thanks to Hobbes
for reminding who the artist was!

* Swoosh by Kae - A cuddly Ami and Makoto set about the end of 'Cruelty and Fairness.'

* Distant Demon by Rio-Sensei - A bookcover done for Doc's story, 'Echoes of a Distant Demon.'

* Cherry Blossoms by Arthkael - A beautifully done rendition of the photograph from 'Picture Perfect Afternoon.'

* The Shirt by Arthkael - From 'The Reckoning,' one of the best little details ever add to a story.

* Makoto's Embarrassment by Arthkael - Another scene from'The Reckoning.' Makoto recounting the tale to much amusement.

* Gazing by Arthkael - A moment that lacked embarrassement from 'The Reckoning.'

* Christmas Kiss by Arthkael - Merry Christmas!

* Family by Arthkael - Done as a birthday present for Doc, this is a georgeous picture of Makoto, Ami, and Miki from Tangled Web.

*Surprise! 1 & 2 by Darkwolf - SD gets a very interesting present for her birthday...